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The most frequent 20 questions about rent a car Bucharest services.


1. What car should I choose?
Think carefully about how much time you may spend in the vehicle and how much space you need - for people and luggage. Then make your choice based on comfort and not just price. Finding yourself crammed into a vehicle that is smaller than you need could really spoil your vacation. The majority of cars in our rental fleets are manual transmission. Some automatics are available and usually carry a premium price. If you are not familiar with manual transmission, think carefully before you decide to learn 'stick shift' in a strange environment, and maybe even on the "wrong side of the road". All current vehicles in the program have radios, and most larger cars have CD players.

2. Are there any restrictions on where I can drive?
You should only drive your rental car on public roads and highways. You may drive into the other countries without restriction.

3. Can I drop off the car at a different location?
In general, Rent Zone Romania prices are based on dropping off your car at the pick-up location. But we do have a comprehensive one-way program, which looks like this:

Drop off at a different location within the same city: - No charge.
Drop off at a different location within Romania: - EUR 100.
Drop off outside Romania is not available. These one-way drop fees are in addition to the normal rental charges and are subject to local surcharges and taxes. The Drop off charge will be added to your Balance Due when you pick up the car.
4. What's included in my Rent Zone Romania price?
Your Rent Zone Romania price includes Limited Collision Damage/Theft Waiver, all mandatory charges, fees and taxes. Optional charges are not included.

5. How is my Rent Zone Romania price impacted by exchange rate fluctuations?
Rent Zone Romania is a Romanian company and we process all credit card charges and refunds in Romanian lei (RON). Rent Zone Romania prices are "guaranteed" in Euros.

This means that your Pre-payment is calculated in Euros, and then converted to Romanian lei (RON) at the exchange rate provided by BNR+2% (The National Bank of Romania) for the day of the payment. This Romanian lei (RON) charge will be converted (if necessary) to your home/statement currency by your credit card issuing company at their exchange rate.

6. What if I don't receive my email confirmation?
You may ask again the confirmation for your requests.

7. Can I get frequent loyalty dicount on my rental through Rent Zone Romania?
Yes. Ask how you can do this.

8. What about Child Seats?
In Romania, any child between 20 - 40lbs / 9 - 18 kgs should be secured in a forward-facing child seat. You should book your child seat(s) in advance, and there is usually a per rental charge for use of the seat. We do not offer infant seats or booster seats.

9. What kind of Driver's License do I need?
All drivers must present a full Driver's License issued by your country of residence. A Provisional, Graduated or Learner license is not acceptable. The license, held for a minimum of one year (3 years on larger cars), must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid throughout the rental period.

If your driver's license is not in English, French, German or Italian, you should bring with you an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP is written in 10 languages and serves as an officially recognized translation of your local driver's license. Your IDP must always be accompanied by your valid local driver's license.

10. What Insurance/Damage Coverage is included?
In Romania, the rental price includes full Third Party Liability cover, and 'limited' coverage for loss or damage to the rental vehicle. 'Limited' means your maximum loss or damage liability is limited to a deductible/excess of EUR 300 (higher on some vehicles). The rental agency offers additional coverage packages which can reduce your deductible/excess liability to zero. The price varies by location, by car class and by rental duration but you can budget around EUR 5.00 - 11.00 per day for this additional "peace of mind". We recommend this option unless you have car rental damage coverage on your personal auto insurance, or through a premium credit card. You may be asked to provide proof of coverage... please take with you a copy of your auto insurance policy or credit card program. Do check with your credit card company before you leave home... there are often exclusions or limitations on these coverages.

11. What if I need to change or cancel my rental plans?
You may change or cancel your booking at any time up to 2 calendar days before pick-up date. You can change your booking without penalty. For cancellations, a EUR 30.00 Cancellation Fee applies.

12. What if I need to change or cancel my plans within 2 days before pick-up date?
For last minute changes, you should contact the rental agency directly. For last minute cancellations, include your confirmation number in an email message to Service confirming your wish to cancel. There's no refund on your Pre-payment.

13. How do I know where to collect my car?
We send you an email Confirmation/Itinerary which recaps all the details of your car rental booking. We include specific instructions on where to report to pick-up your car. This message also includes additional contact information and telephone numbers for the rental agency location. For airport rentals, all our suppliers are "in-terminal". At your arrival, please look for our agent who will deliver the car. He will be in the airport arrivals area, having a card with your name written on it.

14. What do I need to pick-up my car?
When you arrive at the rental agency, you will need to identify yourself by name to match up with your reservation, and meet the rental agency's minimum criteria for age (at least 21, 23 on larger cars), driver's license (valid and held for a minimum of one year, 3 years on larger cars) and credit card (Mastercard or Visa - in your name).

15. Is there a deposit taken on my credit card?
Most car rental agencies take an "authorization" on your credit card when you pick-up the car. Generally, the amount taken is the estimated rental charges (the Balance Due plus any extras you choose at time of pick-up) plus the deductible amount and the cost of a full tank of fuel. When you drop off the car, this authorized amount is released and replaced by the actual amount of your rental charges.

16. Can the rental agency refuse to give me a vehicle?
The rental agency will not give you a car if you can't produce your driver's licence or your credit card, or if you appear unfit to drive... no exceptions! In the event that the rental agency cannot provide the booked/confirmed vehicle (whether "oversold" or any other reason), they will make every effort to give you an alternative vehicle, or arrange to get the booked vehicle to you as quickly as possible.

17. What if I don’t like the vehicle I’ve chosen?
Talk to the rental agency staff - they will try to get you into a car you like. If the car is from a different class, the price may change accordingly.

19. What happens in the event of a breakdown or accident?
In the event of mechanical difficulty or accident, contact the rental agency immediately - see their rental contract for contact information - and they will advise you what to do. You should notify the local police about all accidents involving injury or property damage, and obtain a signed police report. You should also obtain full details of any third parties involved.

20. What if I keep the car longer than I booked?
The rental agency will charge you full retail rate (time, distance and coverage/option charges) on extra days and services outside your original booking.

21. What if I keep the car less time than I booked?
The rental agency will charge you the full Balance Due to rental agency. There’s no reduction or refund for shorter rentals.